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I got Sapphire AMD/ATI VAPOR-X HD 7950 OC with Boost 3 GB GDDR5 Graphics Card GPU
I just thought that I should update my drivers now. So I downloaded amd drivers auto detector from their site.
But when I ran it, it says my gpu is Radeon R9 2XX Series.
and it also says my os to be windows 8, but its windows 8.1
So should I just select "Radion HD series" instead of autodetect and go for manual download (which I believe is correct solution).
But again, I dont think that amd auto detect can make that much mistake since its official and such a small and not-so-complex program.
Yeah, I know this is probably worst question here, but that is surely messing my brain....
Please tell me correct drivers for my gpu.
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    Its fine. That driver is for that line of series and ur 7950 is that rebranded card translated. Jus download the windows 8. Windows 8/7vista all have the same drivers just make sure ur downloading d correct 1 wether ur windows is 32 or 64 bit.
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