Can't download and can't access Internet Options from control panel.

Hello everybody,

My computer can't download anything at all from Google Chrome (Security settings on your computer blocked this file.) . And I also can't access the Internet Options from the control panel. I had click on the icon and nothing happens...heck there isn't even any icon.

Any suggestions :/ ? I did a full scan just to be sure and nothing came up.
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  1. Windows security center, or windows advanced firewall settings is what you need to be looking at.

    And as a tip dont run two software firewalls together Ie: windows fire wall or Agv ect.

    Turn at least one off or disable one of the case.
  2. I turned off the window firewall and still can't download. I also turned off the antivirus (both window and antivirus) and still doesn't work. I did used a different antivirus before,but deleted it. (maybe there's still some files left that could be the problem?)
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