Does flow rate of water blocks matter in a water cooling loop?

I want a waterblock for my loop.Does flow rate of the waterblocks matter?i will be using 3/8 inch id 5/8 inch od tubing and 2 480mm radiators and a gpu block and a phobya balancer 250 reservoir and an mcp655 pump.

The lower flow block:

The Higher flow block:

Which one should i buy? the phobya block has a low flow rate of 146 and the koolance 380i has a higher flow rate of 181 so which one should i buy?
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    The higher flow rate block will dissipate more heat than the lower flow rate block for the same flow in GPM. Make sure it fits in the case.

    Make sure that the pump has a capacity higher than the max flow rate of the block (You can always regulate the pump flow by changing the speed).
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