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Currently, we have a modem from 2nd floor of the building connected to a router, one port of the router is connected to a switch at 3rd floor office(office1) then to the devices. Now, we are moving into another office (office2) at the same floor, is it possible if the Im going to use a hub at office1 from the router at 2nd floor, then from hub going to switch at office2 from then to the devices.

Is my idea is right? or is there any other way to go around this situation which is more realistic and practical? what kind of cable do i needed (cross over/straight through)..

Please threat this message as urgent.
Thank You and I look forward for ur response.. :-)
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  1. Kindly detail also the disadvantages/advantage of the one i presented and the one that u may suggest. Thank You!
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    Never EVER use a hub it is a pain in the ass.
    If you want to know why search for "collisions".
    My advice would be to use a switch.
    And you can add as many as you want.
    You can connect 10 of those switches without having 1 problem.
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