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So I just got a new Mobo and CPU, had issues getting my SSD to load. I used the ROG secure erase and after some other load issue got my windows 8.1 to boot from CD, installed windows and seemed to be good 2 go. Now windows is freezing after a minute or so. like clock work.

Hard to do any updates, it will freeze.

You think this is hardware (Memory, SSD or GPU) or driver issues?
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    Try to re install the windows that should resolve the issue. As you have mentioned that you are facing the problem as soon as you started using the system after the clean install there seems to be a problem in windows installation only...if you still face the issue try using a different copy of windows.
  2. like a 32 bit? I bought the disk from Fry's and is a FULL copy not OEM. I will try it again.
  3. Hi DanKem06
    Its not dependent on the architecture if it is 32 or 64 bit. As to what I see it seems to be an installation issue. Please let me know what happens post installation so that I can help you. Thanks :)
  4. Ill be home and back on tom's at 6:30 Central time, thanks for you assistance.
  5. Tried reinstalling windows, it will install no problem, right after that it feezes. So I tried removing my hd5770 to use onboard, then reinstalling same issue. Tried repairing with full restore, won't finish without freezing.

    Could this be a virus or memory?
  6. Try using a different copy of windows. The particular windows copy you are using might be the problem here. Virus cannot be the issue here as you have mentioned it is a clean install and that you are using the system for the first time after installation. Hope this helps :)
  7. Well I pulled the SSD and ram from another PC and I used this Disk of windows on that PC and it seemed to work fine. I going to buy new ram anyway after work so I can remove that possibility. how can I try a different copy of window? I only have the two disks, 64/32 bit, maybe I can make a Ubuntu disk and see if that installs? should I be looking into bois set up? I really didn't do anything but buy new Mobo and CPU, plug it all up and turn it on. I will also try grabbing another HDD and installing windows on that and see if I have the same issue.
  8. Yes you can try installing on some other HDD. And yes you can try installing ubuntu.
  9. I replaced the Ram, re-installed windows 8 (same disk as before) everything works great now... WOW
  10. Thanks a lot man
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