Short video & sound stutter

I've been experiencing short video/sound stutters for 1-2 seconds periodically, be it when gaming, or even when simply playing music from iTunes.

I've been searching around a bit, and some sources say it may be a device driver issue. I've updated all the drivers from my manafacturer (except BIOS version, as AsRock advises against upgrading BIOS version if the current one is working fine), updated sound drivers, graphics card drivers. However, the problem still persists.

I've noticed that there is some correlation between CPU spikes and the stuttering, does anyone know what is the problem?

My newly built system is less than a month old and has such specs

Asrock H87M Pro4
Intel Core i5-4570
MSI R9 270X OC Gaming Edition
8GB Kingston CL11 Value Ram
120GB Corsair SSD
2TB Toshiba 7200rpm HDD
Seasonic S12 600W PSU

Thank you all!
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  1. Open up task manager and see if something is taking up a lot of your CPU usage when it happens.
  2. ewok93 said:
    Open up task manager and see if something is taking up a lot of your CPU usage when it happens.

    Hmm you are right, there seems to be something fishy with the CPU usage history. There is usually a spike (sometimes it hits 100%, yet at times it increases from near 0% to 50%) after the stuttering occurs. Is there a remedy for this?
  3. Well, what's causing it?
  4. ewok93 said:
    Well, what's causing it?

    I don't know, on this startup the problem seemed to be totally absent. Is there a way I can monitor which process is causing the CPU spike? Or is there a hardware issue with the processor or PSU?
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    Use resource monitor (you can type resmon into the search bar), and go to the CPU tab, and sort by average CPU. It will tell you what's using the CPU usage.
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