Toshiba Satellite BIOS Access Issue

My new Toshiba Satellite L40-A-01E does not allow me to access the BIOS when I press the F2 key while powering-on the computer.

However, if I first allow the computer to boot and load Windows 8.1, and then click on the "Restart" option (not the Shutdown option), and then press and continue to hold down only the F2 key at the point when Windows is unloading and the background screen changes from a color to a blank screen, I can access the BIOS as the computer begins to reboot.
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  1. You may need to flash or update the bios. Shouldn't have to out of the box, but it is a possibility. Check Toshiba's support site and use your model or serial number to find the proper update.
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    You may need to completely shut down anytime you plan to enter BIOS. I have a satellite also and for me I press down shift along with the power button or shift while I click the "Shut down" power option in the charms bar.
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