Dell Dimension 2350 Case to New MSI motherboard?

Well, I was going to try to salvage a couple of old cases for two new computer builds, but I'm having a problem...

The power button/LED front panel connector is a non-standard connection and I can't figure out a way to hook it up. I thought maybe we could just jumper the motherboard for now, but I'm not sure I want to do that.

The front connector looks kind of like this, but it might be longer:

I think the blue and orange wires are the actual power button wires? I'm not sure what's going on with the brown wire that just makes a loop.

I'd be ok with re-wiring this, but I can't find a kit or the ends to clip onto the wires if I strip them as I have no idea what those would be called...I've tried searching for all kinds of stuff and keep having to scroll through tons of junk...still nothing.

I have a feeling I'm going to run into a similar problem with the other case, it's an HP Pavilion 700 case.

Please help!
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    Search for power switch extension cable like:
    Or cut the cable from another case and use it to extend the button cables. Hope with works.
    These Dells are full with proprietary connectors without any documentation, I'm currently thinking what to do with a similar machine...
  2. Thanks! That might work. I found this too, but I'm still not sure what to do about the USB and audio jack other than just replace them since I don't know what to do if I strip them...can't find anything to put on the end. I suppose I could splice a new one on and just use some electrical tape?

    Here's what I found. What do you think? Your solution is easier and cheaper though...depending on shipping.

    Oh, here's what my wires look like:
    Power -

    USB/Audio -
  3. in the worst case you can fix the power button and use the usb-s on the computer back.
  4. Nikola Aslanov-1338074 said:
    in the worst case you can fix the power button and use the usb-s on the computer back.

    That's true...I just wish I could buy the plastic ends for the wires so I could make my own connectors. I just have no clue what they're called so I can't find them. frustrating. LOL

    I wonder if Radio Shack still has this kind of stuff?
  5. So I checked Radio Shack and nope...they don't have much anymore. I ended up ordering the front panel replacement kit and it all went together super easy! Just popped off the green bracket, popped out the lights and power button and replaced them with the new ones. I highly recommend it! The price after shipping was almost the same as getting the extention cable.

    I didn't end up connecting the front USB or the audio jack, but I've got an old USB panel from a Compaq that I might try to modify for use in the case. Either that or I have to find a way to re-wire the USB and audio hook ups. For now I'm just using the rear USB, thankfully this Mobo has a lot of USB connections in back.

    I've had much better luck with the HP Pavilion 700 case, the USB connections were standard and I was able to connect the front power/lights with no issues. So everything is going to work on the front of that set up (except the firewire port, which I haven't used in years anyhow).
  6. Glad to hear this. :)
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