Windows 8.1 Sound Driver Issues After Clean Install - Laptop Model MSI GT70-0NC

I recently updated my PC from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1. I used the opportunity as a fresh start and just wiped my harddrive as I installed it.

I probably should have thought about my poor drivers though, which all died horribly in the process.

I've spent the past week getting some here and there from sources like Realtek's website/MSI's driver download page, but in the end it's not back to where it all was.

Most infuriating is my Sound quality. Even though I can hit Configure on my speakers in "Playback devices" and see support for my laptop's 7.1 speakers, the audio sounds like Stereo.
When I open the Realtek HD Audio Manager and set it to 7.1 + press "Test" I only hear audio from the left and right speaker, confirming my suspicion that it's only playing Stereo.

Did anybody else out there try something similar and manage to get their GT70-0NC's audio back to tip top shape?
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  1. If you haven't already been to MSI's website, all of your drivers should be available right here: 64

    As for your particular issue with 7.1 sound output, how did you used to output it, through multiple cables to an amplifier, or did it just come out of the laptop's speakers or through headphones?
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