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I am looking to setup a crossfire setup with 2 HD 5870's. I know I can run any HD 5870 gpu together but Do the hd 5870 have to have the same amount of ram? There are 2 options of this card 1 with 1 gig of ram and 1 with 2 gigs of ram. Can I run a 1 gig card with a 2 gig card to give a total of 3 gigs ram? I would think it would work as long as its the same GPU but I am not sure.
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  1. I am no expert on the subject but as much reading as I do on Tom's, I know you can x-fire the cards but you will not see the benefit from the extra ram.
  2. Each card uses it's own ram. Crossfiring these cards would effectively reduce the second card to only using 1GB of ram. Ram usage in crossfire isn't added together.
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