how to make sw that is not compatible with 64 bit win 7 os work properly

hi there,i hav win 7 64 bit os. sw like mssql 2005 and microsoft visual studio are not running properly on my pc. what shud i do about it? thanks...
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  1. Hi bluesea24

    Try using the software in the compatibility mode.

    After u install the application right click on it and then go to the compatibility tab and then check the box run in compatibility mode and select the OS of choice. Hope this helps :)
  2. what if only 32 bit version of sw to b installed is available?
  3. install the 32 bit and from the compatibility list select the 32 bit os which the software supports. Thanks :)
  4. u mean to say that even if u dont hav a 32 bit os on ur pc u can run sw made for 32 bit run on a machine with 64 bit os.but do most sw for 32 bit work properly on 64 bit pc n vice versa . :)
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    Basically the 32 bit software is not designed to work on the 64 bit OS that is the reason we are using the compatibility mode to make it run in the 64 bit OS environment. It is an alternate way to make the software work though it is not designed to work for the particular OS environment. Hope that helps :)

    Also you cant run a 64 bit software in 32 bit OS even using the compatibility mode.
  6. thanks that was gr8 help.. :)
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