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Hello all I am a novice at gaming hardware. So I built a gaming PC a year and a half ago, and all was well. Recently I am noticing I cannot run games like Batman: Arkham Origins or Black Flag at Max 60 fps. I am pretty sure my system could do it. If I remember Correctly someone told me something I have wasn't compatible.
I am wanting to upgrade a few things anyway. The Parts I have are:

Geforce GTX 680 2gigs DDR5
Intel I7-3820 @ 3.6 LGA 2011
32GB 1600 Corsair Ram
Corsair H100 Water Cooler
Asus P9 X79 Pro Motherboard

So those are currently what I own and the Parts I am thinking about would be:
GTX 790
Intel I7-4770 Haswell
A new motherboard if I need one.

I just don;t really know what I am doing with these parts so some input would be appreciated. I feel like My computer isn't running at its full potential at the moment. Thanks you all for reading this.
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  1. i would go with GTX 780+ or 790. And yes you will need a new motherboard if you want to upgrade to the i7 4770. hope this helps!
  2. Upgrading the CPU is total waste since yours is a top CPU. You could upgrade the GPU to GTX 780 and that will improve a lot performance and there is no GTX 790.
  3. No need to upgrade CPU or motherboard.
    If anything, try to find another 680 and SLI them.
  4. StarBG said:
    Upgrading the CPU is total waste since yours is a top CPU. You could upgrade the GPU to GTX 780 and that will improve a lot performance and there is no GTX 790.

    typo, my bad. i mean gtx 780 or 780 TI
  5. I agree either SLI or new GPU.

    What HDD are you running? Any SSD?
  6. 780 ti is not worth the big increase in price for little fps gain. The GTX 780 is better than sli, also more VRAM.
  7. Well I have a ssd for the OS and an hdd for games. Is there any compatibility issues with my set-up? My bios sometimes forces my ram to 1300 from 1600. And says overclocking failed. I am not aware I am overclocking. I used to get blue screens all the time but it kind of stopped. So I remember a computer tech saying something about my motherboard and cpu not compatible but that was awhile ago.
  8. They are compatible, if not it would not fit in and run, maybe get the newest UEFI bios version if there is any.
  9. Have a wonder around the BIOS you'll often spot the problem yourself.
  10. I have tried just no idea what I am looking at lol. Maybe something is wrong with my motherboard. If I wanted to get a new motherboard what would be a good one to get to work with my CPU and a 780?
  11. I doubt its the motherboard most likely a glitch somewhere. Look in things like CPU management, cpu voltage anything with overclocking etc. RAM would be the same have you tried googling?

    Other wise your looking at the Asus Sabertooth or Extreme ranges. Quiet a step up in price though.
  12. Is it this one you are talking about? Yea I have googled alot. Cant really seem to find much.
  13. Best answer
    Yep next up are the Asus Maximus's again more money.
    Keep trying, computers are a lot about trial and error. Just spend some time in the BIOS setup looking around, googling things your unsure of.
  14. Thanks everybody for the Help.
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