Potential Assassins Creed IV performance issue

I am trying to play assassins creed iv on the machine described in the signature. However i am only running a 1360x768 screen (pixel count should be essentially halved from 1080p therefore framerate doubled right?). i have the game maxed except for maybee the AA (i prefer fxaa) but i am running into a few odd issues. when i run the game in sli mode i get anywhere between 60 and 45ish fps but in single i am only getting 20-30fps. as an added detail i am very sensitive to tearing so i would prefer it stay on vsync. but when i eanable adaptive (nvidia control panel) at half refresh rate i get dips into the twentys when on regular vsync i would never hit below thirty. do you have any ideas as to why this might be the case?
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  1. You have 660's in SLI running at 1360x768? What happens when you raise the resolution? Some games have issues with SLI. But if SLI is working, I would think you would max the game out on 1080.

    Frame rates per resolution isn't linear. So no y=mx+b. Frames will increase when resolution is decreased but not by some form of calculation.
  2. i do agree that 660's in sli for 1360X768 i a bit of an odd combo. i guess the main issue though is the ability to keep a constant frame rate (either 30 or 60), which is problematic do to the tearing. i also do see scaling but definently not ideal. somewhere i also read that the game did not do a very good job with utalizing cpu cores, so could the issue be with that?
  3. Not with a 3570k, Have you tried disabling V-Sync?
  4. yes but it seems to be limited to 62-63fps but other than that no chance occured
  5. No chance occurred? I don't understand what you mean by that.

    If 60 FPS is bothering you, ask a friend to wake you up. That's good. That's my target area for every gaming. If I achieve 60 FPS, I'm happy. You won't be able to tell the difference above that, let alone 40 FPS.
  6. soory i meant change - stupid iphone
  7. What drivers are you using?
  8. i am using the lastest non beta driver 334.somthing i beleve. and to address the thing you said in your last post its not 60fps thats the issue its the inablility to maintain it
  9. Well, I've done a some research. First the game is limited to 60 FPS. So you can't get more than that. I personally expected the 660 SLI to be better but I forgot that AC4 BF isn't a slouch when it comes to PC games. 660 SLI have the capabilities of a 770 GTX. A 770 GTX gets the mid 40s in AC4 BF @1080 on max settings. So it appears, you're getting what's expected from those cards.
  10. sadly there is a LOT of microstutter. ho you know how that could be fixed?
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    Well, one of the main things with microshutter is frames. Lower a few settings (fxaa) and see what happens.,2995-3.html
  12. For me, I found that forcing V-sync ON and triple buffering ON in the in Nvidia control panel while turning the in-game V-sync off allows for high FPS without tears.
    Also, if you're using ShadowPlay, turn it off. I I was tearing my hair out last night. I just upgraded from a single 760 to SLI and thought for sure AC4 would be flying. Well, long story short, after many many configuration changes and madness, I finally turned off ShadowPlay on a whim and BANG. 25+ FPS instantly restored. I don't know if you are using it, but it does not seem to play well with AC4 or maybe just SLI, but it's something to try and maybe it will help someone else.
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