AMD FX-6100 for mid-level gaming build

Hey guys,

I'm currently working on my first build and I have been hearing some bad hype about the AMD FX-6100 CPU. I'm using this as part of a mid level gaming build (nothing fancy or hardcore; just something to play game like Fallout or Borderlands) and I want to know what you guys think. I kind of want to keep this CPU as I have already invested a good bit of money so far. Here are what the specs will be when I'm finished-

Cougar Spike Mini tower
Asus M5A78L-M LX motherboard
AMD FX-6100 3.3Ghz (I'm using a Stock cooler for an FX-8350 as the Heatsink)
8gb Kingston RAM 1600Mhz
1tb WD 7200rpm 64MB cache Hard Drive
EVGA Geforce GTX 660Ti GPU
EVGA 600b 80+ Bronze PSU

This is a first ground up build for me. Would love to hear your feedback.
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  1. Go with a Piledriver processor at the very least, Bulldozer processors were a big screw up. A 6300 will perform much better than a 6100, or any Bulldozer architecture processor.
  2. ^ second that.
  3. Appreciate the help. The FX-6100 came as part of a barebones kit I ordered from tigerdirect. The only thing I knew about the FX series was that it just came out. Is it at least suitable for basic operations until I can save enough for the 6300?
  4. yeah it will help if you OC'ed it a bit. it is not that you'd be seeing a major bottleneck pushing games at a high resolution, but 6100 will hold you back a bit at times compared to 6300. and 6300 is also more than a year old.
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    All of the above is true...but in most modern games that can use a 6 core CPU the impact won't be a big deal.

    To put your mind at ease a bit:

    That video is a decent comparison between your FX 6100 CPU and an i7 3770k in Battlefield 3. It may not be an exact representation of your specific scenario, but it should help put things in perspective a bit.
  6. Actually, the FX series is pretty darn old, the FX series (excluding the Athlon FX) started in 2011 with the Bulldozer architecture processors (like you have).

    And comparing a bulldozer CPU to a Ivy Bridge processor is like comparing a single core to a quad core, it doesn't fit. The bulldozer architecture was a giant screw up, originally, they were even about to release it on a 45nm fabrication process until Dirk Meyer pulled the plug on that, and the almost released Llano APUs. The 3770k was top dog at the time, but at least back then, AMD put up some competition. I pray and pray they release a enthusiast CPU for the masses and get their big butts back into the fray of competition.
  7. ^ if that's the case then I'll use the 6100 for a while. I want to experience the CPU and GPU performance firsthand when I'm done building this thing. Some of the games I play are a bit older ( fallout 3 and bioshock mostly).
  8. Well alright but the Piledriver version of the 6100 is only a few dollars more, but I wont push you to get it. Best thing to do to determine what fps you'll be getting is to youtube it, you'd be suprised how many people give their benchmarks out for the same specs you have.
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