Need Advice on Building My Computer, It's My First Time Building One, Please Help!

Hi there, this is my build that I've just finished purchasing today:

I have all the parts except the optical drive and GPU and was wondering could I start putting together the computer today and add them two last parts when they arrive next Monday? Or would you suggest to wait till then?

If it is possible to start putting it together today, then in what order should I be doing it? E.g. Motherboard First? PSU first? A video link would also be great, but make sure the video is adding the GPU and optical drive last so I can follow it up to that point and continue it Monday!

Thanks for your time :)
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  1. Any suggestions please? :)
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    Yes, you can build your pc and add your GPU and optical drive when they arrive because they are annyways the parts which you put in last. So this is the order in which i'm building a PC: first install the CPU, the memory and the cooler on the motherboard and then place the motherboard in the case at its place, then place the PSU, your HDD and then the GPU and the optical drive. I'we also found a walkthrough for you on how to build a pc (skip to 14:00 for the actual build walkthrough). I hope I helped you!
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