Please help me pc cut out randomly when I was playing a game

I was playing a game on my pc when it randomly cut out. So I looked inside the pc and the power supply fan was spinning and all the fans in the case but the GPU and heat sink didn't, no screen display or beeps please help thanks
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  1. Please provide your full system specs.
  2. Ok after reading online i reset my ram now the only thing working is my motherboard light. Specs:
  3. Is anything overclocked? How warm/hot are your VRMs? Reset your CMOS to defaults.
  4. Hi nothing is over clocked and do you reset the CMOS by taking the battery out he motherboard?
  5. Vrms? Sorry I'm pretty new
  6. The VRMs are the voltage regulator modules. They are above the CPU socket (toward the back, as seen mounted in a case). There is no heatsink on them on your board, so they could be overheating with that CPU.
  7. yes you can reset CMOS by taking out the battery and The VRMs are responsible or delivering power to your CPU
  8. Well my computers been off for a while and when I checked my temps when it was working they were around 40 which seems pretty normal. If they do overheat what's the worse that could happen
  9. it will shut down if it overheats
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