How might i go about installing my Geforce 8800 GTS in my inspiron 570 pc?

i haven't done this sort of thing before and am lost more than you could imagine. i believe i need a 6 pin pci e cable to plug into it but my PSU only has a small square cable with 4 pins. any ideas? please help.
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    This is the stats of the dookhut special PSU that they put in your dell:

    You need a real PSU if you want to add anything to your dell. Almost anything on this page will work for you:
  2. @ festerovic is there something that you would recommend or would any of those be suitable for my needs?
  3. the ones on the list are teh brands I would recommend, and the wattage was picked 400-499 watts, which is sufficient for your build + the 8800. Also you could add corsair to the brand list too.
  4. I appreciate the help very much. Thanks a million.
  5. No problem. The mods here like it if posters close the threads by clicking Pick as solution on the response that answers the question the most. So thanks in advance for clicking that button :)
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