Having some problems with my GPU/Motherboard

My computer has a ASUS GeForce GTX 560Ti GPU and a ASUS P8Z68-V LX motherboard.
For some time now i've been having some trouble with either my GPU or motherboard.
The whole thing started a couple of months back, i turned on my computer, everything seemed fine, until the Windows login. My monitor went black and the messages "no display source" or something like that appeared on my monitor. I could still hear the windows login music playing, so i assumed there where something wrong with my GPU. After some attempts i found out that if i turned on the computer and let the GPU warm up for some minutes and then rebooted, the computer would work.

I also noticed that Geforce Experience couldn't recognize my GPU anymore, but since everything worked fine and i am lazy i didn't care. After a while my warm up reboot trick wouldn't work anymore. So i tried to format my computer, and that worked, i believed, until i was going to install the GPU driver, then the problem was back.

After searching the web i found a thread that said i should try to replace my CMOS battery, and it worked. Also this time Geforce Experience would recognize my GPU. After 3-4 weeks, in the middle of a Dota game my screen went black, the problem was back. This time i have tried to change the CMOS battery and format the computer and reinstall Windows, but the problem comes back as soon as i have installed the driver for the GPU.

Anybody who knows what might be wrong and how i can fix it?
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  1. I should also add that i in the beginning feared that the GPU was broken, but i tested it on a friends computer and everything worked fine.
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