Will this cooler work with the Asrock Z87 Fatal1ty motherboard?

Hi all, I have a quick question regarding this cooler:

and this motherboard:

Will I be able to use this cooler with the Asrock Fatal1ty motherboard if I use all 4 RAM slots? The RAM slots seem awfully close to the CPU. I'm worried about clearance issues. From the reviews I've read, this cooler works well with high profile RAM but I'm just curious if anyone has had experiences with this motherboard and this cooler (or any aftermaket cooler). The parts have been ordered, but I still have time to edit my order before it ships. The reason I want this cooler is because I can get it for $19.99 after a promo code and rebate, and it also matched the red and black theme of my other parts. The motherboard I can get for $99.

Here is the RAM I'm using: (4 sticks of 4GB

Thank you SO much for the help!!!
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    yep it'll fit and work, With lots of CPU coolers, they are so wide that they lean over the ram slots, that one doesn't so you are all set.
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