AMD Radeon R7 250 vs 250X performance difference???

I am looking to casually game several titles with respectable settings/frame rate (not looking for a specific target).

Looking to purchase an R7 250/250x to use dual graphics with my current A10-7850k. (Full list of specs below) My main question is if the 250x will provide any benefits over the standard R7 250. Also does gddr5 vs gddr3 provide any benefits with this setup? They look to be around the same price:

ASRock Micro ATX DDR3 2600 Socket P Motherboards FM2A75M PRO4+
Kingston Hyper X Plug n Play 4 GB (2x2GB Modules) 1866MHz DDR3 Non-ECC CL11


MONITOR RESOLUTION: (2560x1080 - yes its an ultrawide)
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  1. 1. the X models will perform better than the base model
    2. gddr5 also performs better than gddr3 (faster)
    3. i have the r7 250 sapphire brand, gddr3 and i can play skyrim at ultra but i use a 1920x1080 monitor so i don't know if the bigger one would hurt performance if you were to use full resolution.
    4. what titles exactly would you like to play?
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    The 250x has significant performance boost over the regular 250. Tomshardware did a review of it I think week before last.

    For the crossfire hopefully it works for you. In past crossfire with an APU has given terrible performance which wasn't any better than the card itself.

    You should be able to play most modern games at medium settings.
  3. The x model is certainly better than the standard and although gddr5 is faster I wouldn't go for it unless it has more vram than the gddr3 model. I personally don't care if its slower because its gddr3, not having enough vram to play a game is a pain so if it was 2gb of gddr3 or 1gb of gddr5, I'd go for the 2gb gddr3.
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