Sapphire r9 270x toxic vs zotac gtx 760 amp

Both cards are priced almost the same from where I'm buying. 760 amp is only 12$ more than the 270x toxic. Which card do you think should I get? I know the 760 is generally better than the 270x but i heard sapphire is a good brand and I'm not familiar with zotac. I'm particularly curious about how well their coolers are. Any experience with either brand? TIA!
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  1. actually if you will do some research on the internet, theyre almost the same at performance each has its strengths and weakness

    ie: zotac gtx 760 outmaneuvers the 270x in some games enhanced for it aswell as amd "nvidia's the way its meant to be played" and amd's gaming evolution.. perhaps you should instead check the warranty support of each manufacturer..,

    imho - i would go for the r9 270x toxic because of mantle's potential and for its massive looks.. budget looks and support?- no doubt go for amd

    -David Gilinsky
  2. Mantle has yet to prove itself yet. So dont base a purchase on it.
    The 760 runs about 15-20% faster in games than the 270x regardless of manufacturers.

    Zotac is alright, I would recommend EVGA, ASUS, or MSI. They are well worth the extra quality, performance, and cooling.
  3. Idk about the zotac amp but the 760 in general is 10-15% faster than 270x. My pet peeve is people saying the 270x is equal to the 760 and the only time it is, is in battlefield 4 which favors nvidia by a good 10fps Now when you throw something like the sapphire toxic series in there it changes stuff up. The toxic series are the best aftermarket AMD graphics cards you can get

    The 760 GPU itself is better though so unless there is something wrong with it go, with the zotac 760. If someone could chime in about the zotac that would be great since I know little of it
  4. as someone already said, don't make a buy because of mantle

    check this out -->

    this should help you

    short and simple: the gtx 760 is overall faster
  5. I did some research before throwing the question here and as I've said, I do recognize the fact that the 760 is a better card than the 270x. However, I'm torn between choosing the best in a lower tier model and a somewhat average performer in a better model card. The toxic 270x is arguably the best 270x around based on most reviews while I could barely find a reliable (at least for me) review of the zotac 760 amp. I also haven't seen any reviews pitting one against the other. And while there are sites like gpuboss or gamedebate showing side by side comparison of the cards, I think they're purely theoretical and can hardly attest to the cards' real life difference. The 270x toxic seemed too good in the reviews I've read thus far while the 760amp, not so much. Bottom line, should I go for the best 270x there is (arguably) or place my bet on an average 760?

    Also, I found a palit gtx 760 jetstream 2gb (oc) priced right in the middle of the 270x toxic and the 760 amp. Would that be a clear winner over the two? Thanks for your input guys!
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    Yeah the palit 760 is the best. As long as there isn't anything wrong with the zotac it is better than the best 270x. But the palit is a good 760 so just go with it.
  7. I just ordered the palit. Thanks guys!
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