Will a AMD FX 4130 Bottleneck my R9 280x?

Hello, I just bought my new Graphics card, the MSI r9 280x. I am saving for the FX 8320 8-core processor, but currently I have an old 4130 quad-core @4.3 GHz. I was wandering if it is going to bottleneck my PC until I can get the new processor. Also, is there a big difference between the 4130 and the 8320 besides the difference in cores and clock speeds?

CPU: AMD fx 4130 @ 4.3Ghz
GPU: MSI R9 280x 3Gb
MOBO: ASRock 970 extreme3
HDD: Samsung 1Tb 7200rpm
RAM: Corsair ballistic sport 8Gb
PSU: Corsair cx750
CASE: Antec GX700
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    Not perfect, as one of them is the 4300, not the 4310, but should give you an idea.

    It shouldn't bottleneck it too badly. The 8320 will be a nice upgrade in processing power but at 4.3 GHz the single core performance of your FX4130 should be able to keep up with your R9 280X in the short term until you upgrade.
  2. I would agree. I would expect some bottlenecking but nothing overly excessive. I would at least recommend a phenom 2 965 be or equivalent as an entry level processor for this card.
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