choppy graphics? adivce wanted.

Hi everyone, longtime lurker and new member. I just built a new light gaming rig, something i haven't done in close to 8 years because I want to get back into PC gaming/Tinkering, So far all of the games ive tried have pretty good framerates 60+ HOWEVER everything looks choppy as if its only running at half the fps it claims to be. The one game that REALLY trips me out is cs 1.6, it runs at a constant 100.5 fps and it LOOKS more like 45, when i turn VSYNC on it does help a little but then mouse movements feel slightly off/laggy. I dont have a gaming monitor or computer LCD, Im using a LCD tv about 23 inches, I've tried two different LCD tv's and the same things happen, I dont know anything really about LCD TV performance, these are both kind of no name brands and quite a few years old, a "curtis" and an Insignia. One of them has a 60hz refresh rate and the other a 75hz refresh rate and both are around 21 inches. Here are my specs, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

FX-8320 (3.5 ghz stock speed)
Sapphire HD7770
8 GB kingston HYPER-X 2133
MSI 970A-G43 mobo (Mosfet is nice and cool)
600W EVGA 600B PSU
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  1. sounds like you're suffering from screen tearing, which vsync usually fixes. though that fix does come with a price; input lag, which you're experiencing with your mouse, which is more prevalent in an HDTV than in a monitor (doesn't have to be gaming). a monitor or a tv with better response time is about the only thing i can think of, aside from capping the frame rate at 60fps via tweaking the config file.
  2. thanks ill give 60 fps max a try later when i get a chance, ill let you know how that goes, if that is the problem then it is most likely these low budget lcd tv's.
  3. I'm with Hazle, have you tried turning everything on the game to max (AA,AF,ETC...). If not it might help to get the FPS down to a rate where you wouldnt need Vsync.
  4. lowering the fps to 60 helped by about 5-10%, I need to get my hands on an actual computer monitor/lcd, hopefully this will fix my problem, I shouldnt be having this issue with these system specs if the games are running at good framerates, especially not counter strike 1.6 wtf.
  5. try borrowing one from a friend or family and see if there's an improvement, preferably at 1600x900 resolution at least.

    hitting higher frame rates with a lower refresh rate monitor rarely works out so well, especially from PC to a TV.

    hardware-wise, there shouldn't be a problem, provided there's no faulty components. but if you're still experiencing the issue even at sub-60fps on a monitor, get ready to add that to your list of questions. at best, it's a software related problem, be it the game or the drivers.
  6. i just played sleeping dogs and that seemed pretty damn smooth, counter strike 1.6 is one of my fav's though and i just dont understand how it looks choppy wtf, maybe the game is so old that it doesnt work out so well on newer gaming pc's?
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