How to recover a hard drive that was partially formatted and ny computer won't display it

Like the thread name describes
I accidentally pressed "format" on my hard drive and stopped it in about 6 seconds
Now my computer can't pick it up
Any solutions to my problem? :/
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  1. For the computer to 'see' the drive again you will have to finish reformating the drive. There should be some sort of disk utility to help you with this? You can also use command prompt (terminal) to fix this issue as it can see behind the operating system and see the drive (google reformatting hard drive in command prompt). There is also free software available that may do this also.

    I'm not sure if you can save the data you could try 'Pandora recovery' . Don't do anything if you want to keep the data...
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    Like Vnxc said you've damaged the formatting on the drive so if you want to recover data you need to try that first.

    If your fine with losing it then diskmanger is the window GUI way to reformat. If that doesnt work then you will need diskpart from the command prompt.
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