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I have a user at a clients office connecting to the home office via Cisco VPN. The client says they can see all the home offices computers on their network when the user connects using the vpn. How do I keep the home office computers from displaying on the clients network.
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  1. That should be normal since the client connecting to the vpn is connecting to the home office network.
    He may be able to see the computers but he shouldn't be able to access them (unless they have shares).

    If you don't want clients connecting via vpn to see the home office pcs at all then they should be on a different vlan.
    But I think that doing so would defy the point of using the vpn.
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    The end client with the VPN of course will be able to see stuff in the home network.
    If you mean OTHER machines in the client office that are NOT running the VPN can see your home office machines then you have a big security exposure.

    This means there is some strange configuration in the machine running the VPN. Some people have intentionally does this by bridging ports and stuff.

    Although it can't be completely eliminated from a user who is determined if you disable the ability of the client to run in split tunnel mode it solves many of these issues. The VPN concentrator controls this. You will likely get screamed at when you do it. It is the recommended method for good security but it prevents very simple things like being able to print to a network printer on the local network.
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