Trying to setup a flash usb Windows 7 bootable from WIn XP Pro SP3

Hi there,

I've ben trying to make a bootable usb flash device with win 7 ISOs to no avail for the last month.
THe reason is I don't have a burning capable device. The farthest I`ve got so far is to a blank error message onto which I click only to reboot the laptop. The tools I've been using include Rufus v1.4.3 and Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool. The latter one wont make me an image since the ISO I've been trying to use has been modified to suit low end PCs such as mine (P4 2,4Ghz, 256ram and shared 64mb video).

I know Windows demands at least 512mb of ram to even install but I've been able to install win 7 on this very machine simply by using a modified winsetup.dll file. Obviously that's too slow on a regular WIn 7. But I've found one ISO that can suit even 128mb ram PCs and even that one I cannot make into a bootable usb device.

Is there a right, specific way of doing Win7 usb bootable devices? Because so far I've been able to make WIn XP and Linuxes very successfully.

Thx in advance!
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  1. this modified windows 7 in not a legit one .
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