Is the GTX 660(non TI, 2 GB) a good card for gaming at a full HD monitor?

I wanted to get the ASUS AMD HD 7870 but that is out of my budget (I am from India and gaming products are more costly here). But I see that the price of the GTX 660 (non TI, 2 GB) has been lowered and its in my budget.

This is the exact card I am talking about:-

So is this a good for gaming on a 22 inch full HD monitor???
I will be playing games like Watchdogs, COD Ghosts, BF4 and Murdered:Soul suspect. I am willing to turn Antialiasing and vsync off.

What is your opinion???
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  1. you will be able to run these game at medium high graphics at 1080p at more than 30 fps have you looked at the more power efficient 750 ti?
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    as you can see here:,3107-7.html

    the 660 and 660ti are in a similar rank to the 7870, and this means they will yield similar results. so yes it will play the games on a full HD monitor however you will be playing at levels of medium with a possibility of high settings in some games.

    Hope this helps!
  3. It's plenty good for 1920x1080 monitors or less. The radeon r7 265, which is comparable to the 660, is supposedly coming out in a couple weeks and will be $40-$50 usd cheaper. I am interested in the same level of card and am waiting to see pricing on the 265 before I buy.
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