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So I wanna get a new Gaming PC and I want it prebuilt! Now before everyone says "Build your own!"... No. I simply don't, can't and won't build my own just please help on what i'm asking for. Thank You.

So i've been looking at these two even though I know Alienware sucks :P

So yeah, Its pretty much 140$ more for the flashy lights and a better CPU, the GPU is pretty much the same as the 770 so I don't know are these worth it or am I missing a point here?
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  1. if you feel you really must have a pre-built Cyberpower makes the best pre-builts for the best prices in my opinion, really great option for you Americans throw you a link:

    I am a personal fan of the "Black Pearl" and I think it would be within your budget, have a look at that eh ;)
  2. I wouldn't recommend Alienware, but a few other prebuilt systems are CyberpowerPC and iBuypower. They have more options, but I feel Digital Storm is best when it comes to quality/service/warranty.
  3. if you're going to get a pre-built, Alienware is a big fat "NO", not unless you like spending more on LEDs and customized cases than actual performance.
  4. Alienware is overpriced, Cyberpower PC is not as overpriced but still shady in some ways, they got caught using parts they knew were bad.
  5. Well Digital Storm sells the Vanquish Lvl 4 with a 770 and a pretty good i5 then when you add 140$ or so you can get an Alienware with an i7 and a 680 which provides very similar performance as the 770 so its an upgrade in 2 ways, 1. Lights :P 2. processor. Am I right?
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    I5-4670K vs. i5-4770K:,13.html

    so in the case that there's no i5 to compare with in these IB-E CPUs review, use the 4770K as a reference;,14.html

    a Haswell i7, much less an IB-E i7, offers far too little performance gains in far too few games. about the only games that comes off the top of my head that would see some significant increase are Skyrim, Starcraft II & Crysis3. but in most cases, the GPU what matters when gaming, provided your CPU don't hold you back. and an i5 won't.

    as for the GPU:

    1. pay an extra $140 for that alienware, or
    2. save an extra $140, and get near similar performance to 1, OR
    3. get this , pay a shop $40-50 to build & OC it for you to get near similar performance to 2 & 1, not worry about Corsair's CX600 PSU failing within the year and save ~$200 from 1 at worst.
  7. i build pcs and i have bought prebuilt pcs. ibuypower left a bad taste in my mouth after they didnt use any thermal paste on my processor. i got a full refund but still a pain in the a$$. i have a cyberpower laptop and has never given me any problems. i think alienware and origin are overpriced imo. i would say cyberpowerpc (more configuration options as well)
  8. Yeah, But CyberPower usually has missing parts, don't they? I've also heard their computers come in bad condisions.
  9. While cyberpower pc has plenty of good reviews I found just as many bad reviews about parts loose after shipping, failure after a week, return shipping for free warranty repair WILL cost u out of pocket. they are A+ rated by the BBB but I decided against them when I saw they havr another website LIke cyberpowerpc with higher prices but same office and phone number as cyberpower pc (two fronts for the same service) ?. I was sketched out needles to say at this point. Also when i was in the configuration sections i didn't see anything brand name with the power supplies or gpus so u don't no if the quality will suck or gpu might have one fan and be loud, and a lot of other things like that crossed my mind. Just understand how and why businesses operate. To make money off of you
  10. So, Is ibuypower good? I've heard alot of good and bad about them, My friend says they has poor power supplies and have a lot of heat problems.
  11. i was just speaking from my experience with them. i havent had any missing parts and pc has performed exceptional. i cant say that for ibuypower seeing how it crashed after my first boot and damaged my processor being there was no thermal paste. i opted to have aftermarket paste used on it seeing how i like the cooling of third party solutions and it looked like they cleaned the heatsink and didnt apply the third party solution. build quality of alienware/digital storm/origin pc are excellent from what i have seen but imo they are overpriced. again this is my experience and i realize that cyberpowerpc has had hiccups with builds as well. even if you are custom buildng you run the risk of recieving doas which has also happened to me too. but op didnt want to go that route.
  12. So, Now I just need a final company! I think im going to go with Digital Storm, Are they good?
  13. Digital Storm gets good reviews from what I've read on other forums, but I don't know anyone who's used them personally. You could also check out, my friend just ordered from there and had a great experience :)

    Nice specs, very fair prices.
  14. Digital Storm has a thread on Yelp with quite a lot 1-2 star reviews that is much more nerve-racking. Also, take a look online at the better business bureau. It does have an A+, which can be seen as positive, but all the compaints (39 Total), 32 were Problems with Product / Service. IF it's in this category, it tends to be problems with Product (NOT all the time). Honestly, I was in the market for a cheaper Gaming PC but over time thinking, building a PC will be cose to being as expensaive as getting a pre-built. Also, these companies specialize in liquid cooling, which many self-assembling people do not know how to install and take a good chance of messing something up, or messing many things up inside. I am aware it is a lot more expensive but the Falcon Northwest Mach V have one of the highest recommendations and ratings. Like most say, you get what you pay for. This computer is rated one of the highest, with their Tiki model behind (No I do NOT represent them). Unfortunately, a couple slots are tough to access if changing but that's besides the point, but the price is the main issue. It's one of the most powerful, which is why it's not sold in general stores where you get mainstream, average computers. I also recommend Asus (Model #: G11CDUS008t). I don't have the name. This is around $999 on amazon and Best Buy. There are a few other upgraded options around $1300 and $1700 but again, if you want to get a good gaming PC, you will be spending a great chunk of change. Also, the warranty's for FNW are rather impressive and their customer service ratings are well for anyone else reading this and in the market.
  15. M Rizzi said:
    Digital Storm has a thread on Yelp with quite a lot 1-2 star reviews that is much more nerve-racking. Also, take a look online at the better business bureau. It does have an A+, which can be seen as positive, but all the compaints (39 Total), 32 were Problems with Product / Service. IF it's in this category, it tends to be problems with Product (NOT all the time).

    Honestly, don't use the BBB to make any kind of buying decision. They shake down companies for a 'subscription fee' and if they don't pay up? "Oh no, suddenly your business isn't in good standing any more. Looks like you got some really bad reviews. Pay that subscription fee and we'll make those go away." Yelp does the same thing. It's a total scam.
  16. Digital storm seems to update there systems to stay about 100$ more to make it yourself the cheapest one, vanquish 5 instead of just the 120 ssd (:/) I also added a 1 Tb did not make it much more expensive changed a few things and after a few weeks of searching I decided to go with it. It has the tasty 220$ Intel cpu and a 236$ Graphics card( i5 6500 @ 3.2Ghz, Nividia GTX 960 4 Gb :0) it can handle AAA games on high/ medium at 60 FPS and lower end games easily 90-300 frames

    Minecraft: W/optifine 200-almost400 frameson ultra settings
    Minecraft W/optifine w/shaders(sonic shaders):100 fps most of the time
    Gta 5: keeps steady 60 fps on High
    Youtube/Netflix Very very good can handle 4k pretty well.

    The wires are placed well and neatly and the airflow is stupendous! As for the support Idk I have not had to use it in the month I got it but other reviews say it is good.
    Overal I would give it a 9/10 mainly because of the price
  17. Get NCIX to build you one if you're in the US or Canada.
  18. ironside pc
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