SC Gtx 480 vs Crossfired R7 260X Cards?

Which would you rather have a single Super Clocked Gtx 480 or 2 R7 260X cards in crossfire?
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  1. GTX 480
  2. The 480 is about = to a 650Ti, so that is about equal to a 260x. You will see about 60-80% more performance with the Xfire cards. However a single, newer card would be a better choice.
  3. So - better a single 270x.
  4. Thats not really a single better card. One step up wont increase performance over 2x 260X.
    A 760/770 are more along the lines.
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    260x does not scale well in xfire so 270x will probably be about equal. But I agree that for the same price 760 will be better.
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