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Have 1 computer on one side of the house, cable coming in on the other side of the house. Is it possible to set up router with cable modem on one side of the house and use a USB wireless connector on the computer on the other side of the house?!

or do you have to set up router attached to computer first and then move it over to modem
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  1. If it's a new router I would suggest you configure it with a PC first via Ethernet, since some router doesn't allow access via Wi-Fi, if that answered your question.
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    Almost all routers will work out of the box with the modem, you will need to configure the WiFi setup for you from defaults though. If you have no way of hooking up to the router with an ethernet cable, some have a default WiFi password on a sticker you can use.

    Just hook up the router to the modem, attach the computer to the router, and set it up.
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