Gigabyte P8H77-M PRO (1155) and storage space issue

After a lot of browsing and reading between Ivy Bridge mobos I've decided to go with the Gigabyte P8H77-M PRO. However, one of my ultimate goals is to fit 5 HDDs into this build, something like four regular HDDs of 3TB each and one SSD unit for the OS. It will be basically a humongous data depository of sorts. Is it possible to accomplish this with the mobo in question? If so, how should I connect the drives, exactly, considering the available ports?

By the way, feel free to suggest other mobos that could perform the same role in this configuration. Cheaper ones, if possible...
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  1. Gigabyte or Asus?
  2. Asus, actually. Sorry about that!
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    You can use up to 6 drives without "Redundant" or set up RAID
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