Hey, I know you need a modern motherboard like the Intel 7 series for TRIM to work with SSD's in RAID 0 but what about if you have a raid card, does that affect anything or is the modern motherboard a must for the SSD's to support TRIM in RAID 0?

The raid card is a LSI MegaRAID SAS 9260-8i.
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  1. Sorry, but TRIM with RAID-0 won't work with a hardware RAID card.

    Your SSDs have to connected to the motherboard with the Intel 7 Series chipset, using Intel's RST RAID drivers.

    With a RAID card you're connecting the SSDs to the card, not the motherboard, so you're using the card's (LSI) controller to create the RAID array, not the motherboard's 7 Series chipset. You're also using the card's RAID drivers, not Intel's.
  2. Okay thanks Dereck. Do you know how detrimental it would be to use the LSI controller with the SSDs aka not using TRIM? I understand I just have to put them in idle for (not sure how many minutes/hours?) every x amount of hours of writing time? If I accidentally left them on writing stuff for a long time could I damage the drives or would they just keep getting slower until I put them in idle and allowed garbage collection to work its magic and then they would be back to normal and I could write again? We will mainly be doing reading so I assume not having TRIM won't matter for that? Thank you for your help.
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    I don't know what you're going to use your system for but I'm pretty sure it will be a long, long time before you notice any real-world performance slowdown with SSDs in RAID-0. :)

    Just use your system normally as you would a HDD. GC will maintain your drive's performance whenever your system is idling.

    The one thing you need to do is in Windows Power Options change your settings so your "Hard disk" is set to "Never" shut down. That way power is being supplied continuously to your drives while your system idles.
  4. Hi
    I have a z820 with a 2 x 512 GB Samsung 840 Pro RAID 0.
    If I try to render a 30min 1080p Uncompressed Quicktime it KILLS the SSD RAID and I have to delete the volume, reconstruct 2 simple volumes, run Samsung Magician and rebuild the RAID.
    When I say kill, I mean it goes from over 900Mb/s read and write to about 30MB/s read/write.
    I gave up after 8 hours. I think Trim of some sort is needed to make this work.

    I have tried it on the LSI 2308 BIOS, and using Windows to RAID
    I have not tried connecting it to the 2 AHCI 6Gbps ports.

    So at the moment I would say this RAID 0 SSD option is not working.
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