Can I use my Mass Effect 3 game on a different system?

I know it's a very stupid game, but I always had this question on my mind and just realised what if something goes wrong with my current computer and if I think of installing it on a different computer. Would I be able to play this game online?
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  1. Stupid game? I must be a real idiot then because I loved all 3 of them! :lol:

    ME3 is Origin based and you can have it on as many computers as you want. You can only be logged into your account on one computer at a time though of course. Origin is just like Steam. If you get tired on the game for a few years and uninstall it and then want to play again all you have to do is download it again. Or even if your computer dies all you would have to do is log into Origin and download it again on a new computer.
  2. Oops my bad. I was sorta half awake at that time. Now i see what i had typed through my cellphone. I didnt mean stupid but the question was supposed to be called stupid according to me. Its one of my favourites. :P
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