Can't connect to my server through School network "Access to this destination is not allowed due to a possible malware threat"


I am trying to do school project relating to web database. Everything is setting up correctly. I can access to my webpage using other network, expect school's. It said "Access to this destination is not allowed due to a possible malware threat". Is it because I don't have domain (web address)? Please let me what are the fix to my issue.

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    Sounds like your school is using Malware Inspection with Microsoft Forefront on it's server. Since you are able to access your webpage from outside your school network, I'm almost positive the Microsoft Threat Management Gateway is blocking your access to your server. You are going to have to talk to the network administrator at your school to add your IP to the Malware Inspection "Exceptions" list. Knowing those guys however, you may be out of luck. Sorry couldn't be much more help, but I don't think there is anything that you can do at this point.
  2. I'm not sure where the warning comes from. The IP for your webserver could have been affiliated with malware in the past, so the network operator at your school decided to block it. Is there a way you can contact the person or the team that manages the internet at your school? I think they could give you the exact answer.
  3. The server system could have been infected with malware, so they blocked connection to the server system to ensure that other computers don't get infected and go down.
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