I set my motherboard to quick boot, but screen does not display enter bios option anymore.

ASUS Sabertooth Z77
WIndows 7.
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  1. The logic of quick boot is to boot as fast as it can. So it's normal. There should be a software on your motherboard's page that lets you go directly into the BIOS when you restart your computer or even change BIOS setting under windows environment.

    Also there might be an onboard button that lets you boot into BIOS.

    And you can always clear cmos and reset the bios to its default settings. For clearing cmos you can check your motherboard's manual.
  2. quickboot bypasses the bios so you will have to disable to access the bios.
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    WTF trevor? This is the 2nd dumb and incredibly wrong thing I've read you say today. QuickBoot doesn't bypass the BIOS, it skips most of the the built in POST (Power On Self Test). Your computer will NOT work without a BIOS. (Basic Input Output System)

    Start your system up while holding down the button you normally use to get into BIOS. Normaly F2, F1, or DEL. It all depends on your motherboard manufacturer.
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