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    That laptop will handle WOW at medium, although maybe not at 30 fps in a group. High may be doable as well with maybe shadows off and AA off but you may be at some fluctuating frame rates.

    If you want a laptop for games, I suggest you bump your budget up to at least $500 or you'll be disappointed in the performance. Even at $500 you're at the lowest end of laptops that can run games.
  2. Cool thank you very much. Looking to replace my old laptop. Currently getting around 15-30fps with everything on low settings just queating. The one you linked will run wow decently at medium or high in 5mans and raids abover 30fps?
  3. questing*
  4. That laptop may, to be sure you have good performance, you need to head up to over $600-700 range for laptops. The one I linked is faster than the one you wanted by quite a bit, but even then with all the WOW updates in graphics it may not handle raids at 30 frames. My main computer with a pretty decent video card has issues with raids at Very High settings, at Medium that laptop should be OK but I don't have anything with that CPU and video card so can't say for sure. Do some web searches for reviews on it, someone must have put in their WOW results.

    For your budget, either get a desktop system or you'll need to spend $700+ for a decent laptop for gaming, or deal with possibly lower performance.
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