How to find how much gb/day i use on my ssd

As stated on the title.

I wana check my life expectancy of my 840 evo ssd 128gb.

My usage on ssd: chrome,windows os,winamp,utorrent,mp3 tag

and wow i have 81.2gb free of 111gb

Other programs are alr installed in hdd.
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    CrystalDiskInfo will show total Host Writes, etc. Also, total power on hours.

    For real world comparison to the above endurance test:
    "By far the most telling takeaway thus far is the fact that all the drives have endured 600TB of writes without dying. That's an awful lot of data—well over 300GB per day for five years—and far more than typical PC users are ever likely to write to their drives. Even the most demanding power users would have a hard time pushing the endurance limits of these SSDs."

    My Kingston Hyperx 3K 128GB drive has been on almost continuously for 17 months or so.
    12,800 hours. 533 days. It has3.11TB total writes.

    0.5% of the above tested 600TB writes, in over a year of constant use.
    The drive will probably outlive me.
  2. "The drive will probably outlive me."

    ROFLMAO! That's exactly what I was thinking too. I just upgraded my personal rig two days ago with new components and installed a new Samsung 840 EVO. Using my old Samsung 470 as a secondary drive for weekly backups.
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