Looking for an affordable graphics card.

Hey guys please suggest me a good graphics card for 3500rs and below. My system specs are: Core i3, Ram 2gb
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  1. What sort of things would you want to do with your PC?
  2. Impatienc3 said:
    What sort of things would you want to do with your PC?

    For gaming and for design software such as autodesk, pro E,etc.,
  3. I'm not sure about price conversions and GPU prices in rs.. But if you're not going for high resolutions or high settings for new games i'd suggest a GT620.
    It's what I started on when I first got a PC from my parents (for homework and 'light gaming') and it manages to run games ok.
    (Well, it did about 9months ago.. and I wasn't running BF4 etc, just older games from 2011 and back. EG Fallout3, Oblivion etc)
    But it will be good enough to do basic gaming and your design software! I've managed to find a "Gainward nVidia Geforce GTX 620 2GB DDR3 Graphics Card" going for 3699rs on eBay..
    Otherwise, you'd be better off getting advice from someone who's been following Graphics Card prices for longer than I have.. It may not be the best power for money option! :/
  4. Is Forsa NVIDIA GT610 2 GB DDR3 Graphics Card good for gaming with medium settings? I have a monitor with resolution 1600x900. Well the price of this card is affordable to me and it has a memory of 2 gb with 1300 mhz and a clock speed of 900mhz. And should i worry about the compatibility of this card with my motherboard or my operating system and something like that?
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    To play games at that resolution, the 610 will be too weak.. The 620 might not be able to handle modern games at that resolution either, even on lower settings. I'd suggest saving up more and then getting a higher grade graphics card that was designed for gaming.
    The 2Gb will be enough for gaming, but the 610 & 620 have less CUDA cores and other things.. Making them unsuitable for gaming. They're intended more for your design software..
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