multiple hard drive question? using the second drive for storage and programs

So I recently rebuilt my pc and installed the OS onto an intel ssd, but i had had a hard drive from my old pc with all my game and files on it.

i was wondering how i get all of these programs accessible from the desktop since it only gives me the option for ssd programs.

would i need to format the drive and re install all the programs?
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  1. yes you do with aps and games there needs to be bits of the installed games placed into the registry of the windows os.
    when you do install your games and aps back if you dont want them on the ssd you have to do a custom install and tell the installer to place the game or program on the data drive.
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    You need to re-install all the programs. There are some exceptions, for example I can copy the World Of Warcraft folder from Program Files from one computer to another and can start the game without actually running the setup for it.

    When you install new programs, as the post above ^, you can often change the setup directory (you can probably just change the C:\ to D:\, although you will still have some info on the main Windows drive.
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