Can I Run DayZ Standalone

I currently have an AMD fx 4100 and a AMD HD Radeon 7950.I was wondering what sort of settings i should be playing on to get the optimal amount of FPS and what fps i should actually be expecting to get.Also ,does anything need to be upgraded,is the CPU holding me back?
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  1. The CPU is weaker on the charts than the video card, you can probably run the game at high settings as your system at least meets the recommended specs.

    The 4100 is not a bad CPU, it's just not as good as the recommended low end gaming 6300 one. If you can overclock or change the CPU you'll get more speed from your system, the 7950 will handle a faster CPU.
  2. What kind of CPU would you suggest then?A 6300 or a higher end one ?
  3. I'm running a 3570k and the FPS is way too low when at the airfield or Cherno.
  4. I would go for something higher than the 6300 over the 4100, you are really only going up one step, unless you can overclock the 6300.

    You can see the comparison here

    If you were buying a brand new CPU for a new system, I'd go with the FX 6300, since you already spent the money on a 4100, it's not really worth it as an upgrade. If your motherboard can handle an FX-8350 and you can afford one, that may be a good upgrade

    Another option is to overclock the 4100 if you want more performance, may work out well and may be just the cost of a better cooler for you.
  5. So i should stick with amd, maybe a AMD FX-8350 ? Or the other choice would be a i5-4670,the only problem with this would be the motherboard.If i bought a new motherboard would i need to re-buy windows,is it really worth the money?Also,what does the k stand for on the intel cpus?
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    K is the unlocked models, mostly for overclocking use. If your motherboard works with a 8xxx series, would be a good upgrade for the 4100.
  7. Okay,thanks allot hang-the-9 :)
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