Black screen and loud buzzing sound

Hi everyone, today something weird happened while i was on youtube watching some videos, and it never happened to me before. So just like i said i was on youtube and suddenly my screen went black and i heard loud buzzing sound, and i was unable to do anything. I had to physicaly restart my pc by pressing a button on my pc case. I checked the temperatures of my components, and everything was under 60C under heavy load [gaming].After restarting everything worked fine but hey...that kind of things aren't supposed to happen, right? Im worried because i bought this pc just 1 month ago. Does anyone knows what could be the issue?

PC Specs:
Radeon r7 260x 2gb GDDR5
Core i3 3240 3.4 ghz
8 GB 1600mhz Ram
PSU: 500wat Cooler Master
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  1. This could be a driver issue or a motherboards bios issue. What motherboard do you have , how long have you had it and when was the last time you upgraded the bios.
  2. Hi inzone, thanks for response. I have GYGABITE B75M-D3V Motherboard. Honestly i have never upgraded my bios since i bought brand new components 1 moth ago.
  3. The description of your issue sounds exactly like the same thing I had happen to a Gigabyte G1 Assassin board I had a few years ago and it did drive me crazy for a while. The eventual fix was to replace the bios chip and I had to send it into Gigabyte to have that done.
    It was a defective bios chip.
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