Fastest CPU?. Fastest Motherboard? Which goes with What?

I bought a lot of CPU's and Motherboards at auction and I want to choose the fastest CPU of the lot and marry it to the fastest motherboard. I then want to run it with a Radeon 7970 OC Edition GPU I bought to mine Doge

How do I find the fastest CPU, the fastest motherboard and make sure the CPU can fit the MB?. How do I make sure the motherboard will fit the GPU.

Here's the CPU's

1. AMD Athalon 64 3800 Dual Core CPU - ADA3800BVBOX
2. Celeron 28/D336J
3. Intel E2160 1.8Ghz Dual Core - BX80557E2160
4. Pentium D 2.8 Processor 820 CPU - B80551PG2800FN
5. Intel Quad Core Xeon 2Ghz 5335 Passi - BX80563E5335P
6. Intel 3Ghz 925 CPU - BX80553925
7. Celeron 2.8 LGA775 CPU - Celeron28/D336J
8. Intel pentium(r) 4 CPU 2.66GHZ
9. PIV 3.0 630 2MB Cache LGA775 CPU - B80547PG3000F
10. Pentium 2.8 Xeon 1RU CPU - P2800/Xeon

Here's the Motherboards

A. Intel DQ35MPE Motherboard - DQ35MPE
B. Intel Server Motherboard - SE7221BK1-LX
C. Intel Desktop Motherboard - D955XBK
D. Gigabyte S- Series Motherboard GA-G33M-DS2R

Thanks in advance for your help.
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  1. In the absence of details about your CPUs and Boards, here is a rough guide that may help:

    Every CPU should have a manufacturer and part number etched into the heat spreader.
    Every motherboard should have the manufacturer and part number silk screened directly onto the board.

    Find out what CPUs you have and look on Tom's hierarchy chart to get a 'rough' idea which is faster. Then find out what CPUs each board will support and what chipset it has. 'Usually' the more modern chipsets will perform a little better and have more features.

    Hope that helps.
  2. Hey maddogfargo, thx for the prompt response. I will take a look on Toms Hierarchy Chart as suggested. Thx.

    I've edited my initial thread and inserted the CPU's and Motherboards...
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    The quad Xeon is the fastest CPU in that list, but none of those motherboard support it. I cannot find any info on the other xeon. The best working combo would be the E2160 and gigabyte board.
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