From what I can tell this looks like decent core temps, wanting verify.

Hello everybody!

So I just built my first gaming rig yesterday. I'm an experienced computer tech but the enthusiast/overclocking world is new to me so I'm learning as I go. Before I move on, specs.

Intel Core i5-4670k OC at 4.5GHz Peak Voltage is 1.3 (I believe)
Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo Cooler
16 Gig of DDR3-1600
OS on Kingston HyperX SSD
All else on Seagate 1TB Spinner
Gigabyte SC GTX 770
760 Watt PSU
Asus z87 Pro Motherboard

I was watching some vids on the AISuite 4-way optimization and seeing how it appears to be a pretty safe OC to start out with stability and thermal wise. When I finished running the OC wiz, it popped out the OC value above. After maybe 20 minutes of BF4 gameplay, I noticed CPU temps hit 52C.

Is that considered a fairly safe temp as far as stability and longevity is concerned? I'm not looking to push it to its absolute limits, I just want to give it a bit of a bump while maintaining as mush longevity as possible.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

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    Your well within specified temperature tolerances (Tcase @ 72.72C - Tcase as on Intel web site: Case Temperature is the maximum temperature allowed at the processor Integrated Heat Spreader (IHS)). 52C is good while playing a game that will utilize all of your cores simultaneously. While you game it should stay in the 50Cs. Prime 95 might get it close to mid to high 60s. All well within spec.

    That's really good with that OC.
  2. Anything up to 75C is fine on that CPU.
  3. Nice build by the way (look alot like my own). That 52 Celsius is within safe range (anything under 60C is fine with proper cooling).

    Best Luck
  4. I think you got a golden chip.

    Try stress testing with OCCT. You will get a chart of temps and voltages.
    Under stress testing, 85c. is OK. Under normal usage you will be much less; 52c is good.

    I might look at what parameters the automated OC gave you and adjust a bit using bios overclocking. Such automated systems tend to be overly aggressive. I think 1.3v should be lower, perhaps to 1.25.
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