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I recently bought a Win8 pro upgrade, I'm using it now after upgrading my windows 7. My question is if ever I format my diskdrive and reinstall this windows 8 pro. Do I still need to install my windows 7 first before installing the win8? Or Straight windows 8 since the product key is already validated? thanks!
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  1. Depends, is the Windows 8 disk an OEM disk or an Upgrade disk?

    Either way, if you ever format, you *should* be able to reinstall straight from the Windows 8 disk, but make sure you reformat from within the Windows 8 setup *if it's an Upgrade disk*. That's how it detects there's a previous version of Windows installed and accepts the product key during installation. You may have to use the Toll-Free phone number to validate your key the second time around, however, but you should be able to install using the Windows 8 disk instead of the 7, as long as you keep hold of your Product Key.
  2. Thanks, it's an upgrade disk. I'm planning to upgrade my mobo can I still use same windows 8 disk?
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    Yes. Just make sure you format from within the Windows 8 boot-up installation.

    The Upgrade disk tries to look for a installed copy of Windows as it starts up. When it finds this, it allows you to authenticate your key during setup. So as long as you format within the Windows 8 setup, it will still function just like an OEM disk.

    The problem you run into with an upgrade disk is if you install to a *fresh* Hard Drive that has never had Windows on it before. I ran into this issue when switching from a regular HDD to a SSD, and just decided to start fresh instead of cloning the Windows installation over. But for your purposes, you should be able to format and reinstall Windows 8 without issue from the same disk.
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