best soundcard for Windows 7 sandy bridge

Hello. I've got a Windows 7 machine with an ASUS motherboard and a sandy bridge i7 processor. I need a soundcard for my Digital Audio Workstation, a program called SONAR.

the soundcard must have ASIO drivers to interface properly with SONAR. Can anyone make any reccomendations for cards under 200 dollars that have ASIO drivers, and will work properly with the i7 sandy bridge?

thanks for any replies.
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    to be honest, the sound card built into the motherboard is probably all you need,3733.html

    there was no practicable difference between the Realtek on-board sound and a $2000 high end amp.
  2. My program SONAR must have a soundcard or it will not work.

    So I need a dedicated soundcard. Any suggestions?
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