I can't decide which mother board is the best one.

I'm collecting a new pc and I can't decide wich motherboard is the best one.

My System:

İntel Core I5 4670K
MSI GTX770 O.C. 2048MB
Cooler Master CM 690 III
Cooler Master Seidon 120V
Corsair Vengence 16GB DDR3 1600MHz

MSI Z87-G45 / Asus Z87-A / Gigabyte Z87-HD3

/ \
Which one is the best?
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    The answer is always ASUS. They have some of the best BIOS/UEFI options, the best customer support, and always top of the line hardware. MSI and Gigabyte are not bad options, and if you find them on a significant sale then I would not hesitate to buy either of them... but when all things are equal, then ASUS is the way to go.

    Another option for the budget minded is to look into ASRock. They are simply not as good of quality as ASUS, but you can save a significant amount of money while retaining most of the features. The only issue is that there is a greater potential to get a board that is DOA. Not a significant potential for issues... just a higher one.
  2. eh, they will all be fine, but i would personally go with the asus.
  3. I have had some great experiences with Gigabyte MB's, their reliable and the DualBios certainly helps just in case. Id recommend that one.
  4. Thank you for your help.
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