Need a motherboard that supports GRX 650 and intel core 2 quad

Hi, folks.

I was trying to upgrade my old pc (specs below) with newer cpu and graphics card, but it seems the graphics card won't fit. This may or may not be an issue of just a small case, which I will try to do something about later on (getting a different bigger case), but if that fails, I'd like to know how could I get a motherboard that'd be compatible with the following:

Intel 2 core quad q9500 CPU
GeForce GTX 650 Ti GPU
8 gb RAM (4 x 2GB)

Thank you!

If it matters, I currently have acer aspire ax3910-u4022, which comes with acer wg43m board
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    Why doesn't the graphics card fit? I don't see why it wouldn't fit because of the motherboard. Only reason I can see that it wouldn't fit is because the case is too small.

    Have you tried installing the card?
  2. It worked eventually once I took it out of the case (it looked like it would not be able to fit because of the USB cables, which aren't a big deal, I guess). I just need to find a case now. Sorry folks, false alarm!
  3. No problem.
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