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I am pretty much confused about getting a new sound card. I'd reviewed few sound cards like xonar dx, x-Fi xtreme, x-fi surround etc...Sometimes i feel should i go with xonar one or x-fi reviewed models, can xonar fulfill my needs or x-fi . I need a good Bass with a quality sound, so that i can say by hearing' WoW ! . My Budget : $40-$50. kINDA cheap price according to speech :p
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  1. For your budget, just get a cheap exteral usb DAC. this will give you better sound quality than any sound card can (sound cards are good, but for the most part just a gimmick, or primarily used for recording purposes rather than listening purposes). also with a $50 you can't get much of a sound card is about the best product for your desired needs and budget and is leaps and bounds ahead of any actual sound card you could get in this price range
  2. also be sure to list your listening peripherals, as of course, the one i listed will only output stereo (best for headphones) wheras there are other options for 5.1 or 7.1 surround, but you will also be limited by the quality of your listening device, and the source of the audio (example, youtube is shit, and 128kb/s mp3 is also shit)
  3. It's good but i like to hear sounds in my 5.1 speakers rather than headphones..By the way i'm a FPS player so i can buy a siberia usb or this one for LAN . I would preffer speaker sound. I want to get quality sound for speakers .
  4. I dont want down you but pretty sure with this card, as i heard somearound at web ' Not to go for dolby Headphones technology' those are crap . If not soo why not creative?..They have X-Fi models , Audigy Fx 5.1 the i reviewed most with its features . Why Asus? Why not creative?...
  5. considering asus is good for thx, while creative is good for dolby, that's about all there is to it, but both are fine for either, and as long as you install them correctly they will work perfectly for both unless you do something wrong or get a defective card. I recommend the asus as it is the most popular one in your price range by a lot
  6. Previous i'd used one creative card which a sound blaster vx 5.1 . Its Good but cheap but i want more thrice of its performance of it. Asus as i heard its quit popular & also as you said. Some of the people at nearby shops suggesting asus, xonar dx if u have average budget then go for it but its 7.1 ,wtf !why should i use 7.1 card for a 5.1 speakers . Is it all about the features which is giving me at its best price?..But this time asus may be my choice. Still yet not satisfied because i'm a such kind of person who is not satisfied until he get fulfill his needs before buying or make a quit sure about a product. But thanx for your help i think your reviews helped me a bit .:) Still want to know more things .
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    you can use 5.1 with a 7.1 card... and even having a basic sound card will let you know the limits of your sound system. if you have had a sound card and are not pleased, then you require better speakers, end of story. you will get more out of better speakers and a cheap card than you will cheap speakers and a top of the line card.
  8. Ah! It's some kinda i like to hear, Thank you again. I guess this time your review helped.
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