How to recover data from previously infected USB drive

I have a 20GB IMATION USB flash drive with more than 12 GB data in it. Recently I left it on the USB port for a long time in an internet cafe and the USB is now appearing as a 2267 pram when inserted into an usb port.

It is not showing any of the files and is not allowing to access it or format it . But when i tried to scan it with Mcafee Stinger it showed some viruses and removed them from it by Stinger.

I tried to access the files by going to the C: prompt and applying the attributes . But the assigning the name in the command prompt even is not being accepted and an exception message c0000013 parameters 75b6bf75.... ... Message was coming up.

I went to the registry and corrected the error mode in HKEY_LOCAL machines \=system\ current control set \.....\windows and changed the value from 0 to 2 and the message stopped coming up but still the usb is not getting allowing me to see the files or retrieve it!

Pls. Help by suggesting some solution for this problem. These files are important to me...!

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  1. First I suggest that you scan the drive with Kaspersky antivirus, just download the trial for free. If possible that 2 antivirus cause conflict. You might need to uninstall Mcafee. From my personal experience that antivirus is a piece of crap, trust me!
    If that does not work, we'll move forward to recovery software's.
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