Not sure if I need to buy a SATA Connector Multiplier

Sorry if this is a double post, I believed I posted earlier but now I can find no record of the thread.

I have a Asrock Extreme3 Z68 Motherboard ( ) And i believe it was labeled to have at least 4 SATA ports, now I'm not sure if it'd labeled oddly or I'm a dunce. BUT, I can't seem to find the other SATA connector. All 3 I have in the bottom right are taken up, and I'm trying to install another 1TB HDD.

HDDs & SSDs are really the only part of a computer I'm not well versed in, so sorry if this sounds like a dumb question I just honestly can't find it.
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    you have 6 sata ports on that bad boy. 2 grey, 4 black. The 2 grey ports are SATA3 ports, while the 4 black ports are SATA2. The ports are stacked on top of eachother, so if you are looking at the board from the side you will see that there are 2 ports on each stack.

    Port multipliers are for specialty equipment like server motherboards and RAID cards... it would not get you very far on this motherboard.
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